Another kick. Another can.

Here we are again.

It seems that every year about this time, I get an inkling to resurrect this blog – a blog that has essentially been nothing more than potential. And yet, it calls me back again and I trust that even if nothing comes of it, I must follow my enthusiasm and try again.

And so I deleted all the previous posts as they didn’t serve the direction I believe this blog will take. Which means, I’m starting from scratch. Another kick, another can – one more blog in a sea of endless lifestyle and personal blogs nosily seeking attention on the world wide web.

This blog is more for me than it is for anyone else at this point, though I hope that changes. My intentions here, beyond all else, are twofold:

  1. Write. As Steven Pressfield says (paraphrase), “You are a writer when you write.” I must write. I am tired of talking about writing. I am a writer. And writers write. Hello obvious.
  2. Follow my enthusiasm. I am an explorer and a scanner. I am endlessly interested in new things and learning something new. I need a place, beyond my business blog, to explore my curiousities and creativity.

I am going to forgo perfection for exploration, and simply see where this takes me.

Here we go.

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