Stephanie PollockWelcome to Both & More.

This is my little space on the internet for my multi-passionate ways. By day, I blog and do business over at StephaniePollock.com and by day-and-night, I’m a mom of two young kids and wife to one awesome husband.

While I love to talk shop, I also crave a place to talk about what it means to be a curious and caring human in today’s world. I want to explore everything from the tough subjects like race, politics and gender, to leadership and human potential.

The title, Both & More, speaks to a principle I live and lead by — that there’s always choice, and that rarely does it ever have to be either-or.

Every week I send out the Both & MORE Weekly, a weekly curated email of ideas, inspiration and insights to help you learn more, live more, love more and lead more. I’ll send you the best-of-the-best of what I’ve read to help you cut through the noise.

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